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Boost Your Retention by Delivering a World Class Frontline Worker Experience

While frontline work may seem fairly simple on the surface, there is a tremendous amount of complexity behind the scenes to make it work well. Employers that want to stand out from the crowd must consider other critical elements like culture, leadership, and technology in order to be successful.

The Frontline Workforce Report uncovers:

    • What makes frontline workers want to stay in a job
    • How flexibility is possible, even in frontline roles
    • What role technology plays in worker success and satisfaction

Inside Hospitality 2023 Report

We are proud to have partnered with Be Inclusive Hospitality for the second year running to produce the Inside Hospitality report. 

The report features responses from over 3,000 employees and gives an insight into the state of diversity, equity and inclusion in the hospitality industry. 

Compliance Counts Guide

How Leading Hotel Brands Create an Unforgettable Hiring Experience
We’ve gathered real insights from various hotel groups and organizations worldwide that build powerful teams centred around the traits that bring their guest experiences to life. Consider this your close-up of their creative strategies and use of talent acquisition technology built to help them succeed. 

  • Attracting talent
  • Interviewing
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding 

Compliance Counts
See a clear picture of compliance today, the reality of the risks at hand, and how to lean on resources like Harri to make sure you’re not on the hook for millions.

  • An overview of the current labor compliance landscape
  • Tips on how to cut down your non-compliance costs
  • Advice and proactive measures that you can take to safeguard your operations
5 reasons to modernize talent solution tech

Meeting the Needs of Frontline Workers Today
The needs of the frontline worker have been largely forgotten. This new report addresses three current challenges facing the industry and discusses how you can:

  • Drive higher employee engagement
  • Improve hiring and reduce turnover
  • Create a more personalized frontline experience

5 Reasons to Modernize Your Talent Solution Technology
Investing in your future means investing in your workforce. See five reasons why it is time to modernize your talent solution tech to:

  • Drive employee engagement
  • Give managers more time to focus on what matters
  • Leverage accessible, understandable analytics you can act upon

Transforming the Employee Experience in Hospitality
Recruitment, employee engagement, and retention remain top priorities – but how can technology help? CGA’s in-depth research reveals the real expectations of today’s hospitality workforce on:

  • Pay
  • Training
  • Wellbeing
  • And more

Workforce Management Technology: 2022 Market Guide
Over the last decade, workforce management technology has evolved dramatically. See how:

  • WFM goes beyond time keeping and scheduling
  • An equitable workplace takes into account scheduling and workforce management
  • Compliance isn’t an afterthought
  • More investments are being made in people intelligence

The First HCM Platform Built for Service Industries

Fair Workweek
Complete Guide

COVID-19 Employee Health Check Platform

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