A Milestone Achievement: 2 Million Employee Health Checks Completed

2 million employee health checks harri

Achieving 2 Million Employee Health Checks

Team Harri is proud to announce that we’ve officially surpassed 2 Million employee health screenings through the Health Check Platform! Doing our part to help businesses navigate these challenging times has been our top priority, regardless of scale and impact. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing team, and of course, the unwavering commitment of our clients to build a safe environment for both team members and guests.

Let’s take a look back on how this incredible milestone was reached and the positive impact it’s had upon those who needed it most.

March 2020

In March, there was clear apprehension surrounding the ability to reopen, trade in limited capacities, and consumer sentiments about ordering from a business where they had limited understanding about health and safety practices.

When states began to roll out unique regulations and guidelines for dealing with COVID-19, we noted the consistent need for health screenings, amongst other employee-related health and safety protocols.  In response, we got to work on building an easy-to-use, native and web-based application that could not only handle the framework for conducting a health screening that was recommended by the CDC, but take the results of those screenings and present them in a way to guests that would instill trust and confidence.

April 2020

introducing employee health checks

Harri releases the Employee Health Check Platform.

“Harri, an enterprise human capital management platform serving 20,000 restaurant and hotel locations that represent over 3 million hospitality employees, launches a COVID-19 Employee Health Check Platform, the first integrated response to efficiently survey an employee’s health symptoms before entering the restaurant and starting their shift.  With the health and safety of team members, customers, and the community at large a top priority, the process to support that responsibility requires a robust and transparent digital solution”

employee health check mandates in the US

Soon after the release of the Health Check Platform came our interactive map. This tool provides you with specific COVID-19-related requirements you need to be aware of, state by state. We know that the rules change almost daily, and as states continue to move through waves, you need a central place to gather information.

May 2020

employee health check for restaurant reopenings

CDC Guideline Management

The CDC issues guidelines for restaurants to safely open during COVID-19. This covers everything from distancing requirements to mask policies. The hospitality industry’s growing frustration surrounding COVID-19 remains closely tied to uncertainty. As restaurants continue to seek guidance from local and federal government entities, Harri keeps a close eye on ever-changing CDC safety guidelines.

A Responsibility to Get Health and Safety ‘Right

Precautionary measures to enable public safety have been unfolding for several weeks. It often becomes difficult to balance your response between doing too much or not doing enough, but the end goal is the same; keeping employees and guests safe. A commitment to creating a safe workplace is the standard we should all be striving for. Achieving guest confidence and trust in your business is going to take time and care, and relying solely on an employee’s self-reporting of symptoms and temperature leaves room for us to do better. Guests want to trust a location that not only projects this information but is supported by a robust system that mitigates as much risk as possible. Employee health assessments must be transparent to guests as well as team members. There must be a deeper system of checks and balances to ensure employees’ and guests’ safety is being taken with as much severity as possible.  It’s our responsibility to get this right.”

COVID-19 makes brand confidence a difficult challenge, even for the most well-established hospitality businesses. Harri’s Health Check Platform puts employee safety to improve guest trust at the forefront with internal health check notifications and external signage.

Managers are notified of employees who fail health checks, ensuring they do not come into the workplace until it’s safe to do so. On the other side of the coin, verified passed health check forms and stickers immediately let customers know that their orders are handled in a completely safe environment.

Employees Intent to Return Hinges on Health and Safety Measures

The general fear is that furloughed, laid off, and potentially new employees will not be in a quick desire to go back to work, and this is elevated by concerns for safety. The intent to work looks bleak, but providing employees with transparent and innovative safety measures is the key to success. In choosing your methods, remember that not all health and safety precautions are created equal.”While some staff may be ready to jump right back into the workforce, others may be more hesitant Our research on employee sentiment during COVID-19 shows that employees aren’t just concerned about the safety of their work environment, clear and consistent communications are also a priority. 71% of respondents reported that they were not being updated on store reopenings, which indicates a huge blow to employee trust and long-term retention — two important factors to a business’ bottom line.

June 2020

Restaurants are reportedly having to close locations as a result of not complying with trading guidelines and tracing infection back to a particular location. Avoiding closures and having a plan for when an employee tests positive was mission-critical in order to keep the doors open.

CDC-approved symptom screening methods can ensure those doors stay open, and tied back to the theme of building customer confidence. Should an outbreak occur in the area, employee symptom logs can help isolate the spread to a particular shift, or even better, prove your establishment is secure.

But what happens if an employee does test positive for COVID-19? Your next steps should be to initiate a deep cleaning initiative and to attempt to isolate the outbreak by identifying exposed employees. The longer you wait, the harder your fall will be. Having a health check platform b your side significantly reduces the effort and scope of these post-exposure strategies.

At the end of the day prevention is the best strategy, and implementing daily health screenings ensures your team is never unprepared.

July 2020

Helping clients weather the storm

Team Harri had the opportunity to catch up with a few members of the Chopt family to learn more about how implementing Harri’s COVID-19 technology has helped them feel safer and more comfortable in their return to work. 

Having a robust health check system is crucial right now. We asked Market Director Jose, what it means to have the Health Check Platform from Harri, to which he responded: “I think it makes it easier and gives you security. It makes you feel that you’re actually focusing on the things that you need to do in order to prevent getting infected.”

Having a virus screening tool that is easy, efficient, and accessible is imperative to this industry. With less room for error, there are more opportunities to take care of one another and create safe environments. With so much miscommunication surrounding what proper safety precautions look like, there needs to be a solution that does it all. We are working to educate the public on what being ‘safe’ really means, and to create a safe, healthy environment for our teams and customers.

August 2020

dennys and jsutsalad use employee health check software

The rise of the cleaning captain! “This new role is crucial in demonstrating a commitment to employee and guest safety. Safety is the top priority in most industries right now, and the rise of the Cleaning Captain is no surprise. With this role, guests can see firsthand the preventative measures Denny’s is taking to ensure their health and safety. This sanitation specialist serves the brand and the customer to make the best overall experience possible.”

September 2020

Magnolia Bakery reports successful use of the Harri Health Check Platform as NYC prepares for indoor dining to reopen. The CDC updates indoor dining guidelines as restaurants continue to open across the country.

October 2020

1 million employee health checks

Harri’s completes 1 million employee health checks!

January 2021

2 million employee health checks harri

Harri’s completes 2 million employee health checks!

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