Gen Z – Here’s How to Attract Them

Gen Z - Here’s How to Attract Them

Gen Z. The post-millennial generation. Born between 1997 and 2015. And yes, they’re ready to hire! 

Like every generation, Gen Z has their own nuances when it comes to their behaviours and expectations regarding work. Why? Because world and economic events shape who we are and it always impacts our perception of the workplace; not to mention the type of career they are looking for. So, it’s important for employers to deeply understand their motivations if you are to attract Gen Z talent to your business. 

It’s worth noting that of all generations, this group has been most impacted by the pandemic – meaning, they account for a large proportion of the available talent within the market today. You’d better hire them quickly because this generation will change the way we work as the true digital natives… So, here are our top tips on how to hire them! 

1. Your Careers Site Content is Key

Okay, so Gen Z isn’t dissimilar to all other generations here in that they’ll be researching your website. However, what they’ll be looking for is different. When your Gen Z candidates are researching you, they want to see:

  • An honest representation of what it’s like to work for your company. They want honesty and are increasingly distrusting of those companies who aren’t authentically themselves
  • How your company encourages diversity and inclusion 
  • Your response to the pandemic and how you’ve supported your people through this
  • Real stories of real people who have progressed their careers and how. 

And how can you show off the best of your company to attract the best talent? Using Harri’s Career Branding tools you can bring your brand to life by showcasing what it means to work with you. Show off your values, your people and your culture with a slick career story page that highlights your EVP best. 

2. Basic Job Adverts and Content

Yes, nicely written and fun job adverts are nice, but Gen Z really just want to know details as to what the job will entail. In fact, this was cited as the most important thing to Gen Z! They also want to understand the purpose of the organisation and how it provides value to the world. 

Once you’ve created your job ads to appeal, you’ll need to use social media to capture them and drive traffic to your website. Why? Because this is literally where they spend around 4 hours a day. Yes, FOUR whole hours. 

This generation is that of the Instagram Story and Snapchat. They communicate with video. So, how do you tap into this? We recommend following a similar format with your career’s videos. Run a campaign such as “tell us what it’s like to work for our company, without telling us you work for our company” with your internal teams, and get some content that resonates with your audience and post this to your careers site. Gen Z don’t want shiny, polished, scripted careers videos – they will distrust them. You need to generate real content that is a real representation of what they will find when they come and work for you. And the best place to show them off? On your new Career Story Page

3. Make the Tech Appeal to Them

Gen Z don’t know a world without smartphones, meaning, they’re expectant of all things one-click and technologically easy when it comes to the application process. If your recruitment process isn’t digital yet, it’s time to look at ATS providers—such as Harri! 

They’ll expect near-instant feedback, so if you don’t have this automated—that can be a problem for Gen Z. They’ll also have a LOT of questions throughout the process, so either make use of a chatbot – that means Carri, or having FAQs available on your site for candidates. 

What can Carri do for the interviewing and hiring process? Well, as a conversational ambassador between your brand and the candidate, Carri allows you to manage the end-to-end application and candidate communications lifecycle via web-based chat on your careers page, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. By integrating seamlessly with the Harri ATS you can ensure that Carri will simplify and improve your recruitment process. 

Want to find out more about how Harri can support your Gen-Z attraction strategy? Book some time with the team here

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