Smart Recruiting: How Automated Hiring is Changing the Industry

Recruiting, hiring and onboarding have the potential to drain your limited resources sooner than expected.  Hire the right way, taking full advantage of technology, and you’ll add legitimate “rainmakers” to your team in no time at all. 

Smart recruiting and automated hiring have quickly emerged as game-changers, completely upending the hiring process for the better for both job seekers and employers.  Implement talent acquisition software complete with smart features at your business and you’ll find the hiring process is both efficient and effective.

What is recruiting automation?

New recruiting automation tools are added to the market with each passing day.  Choose wisely and you’ll reduce overhead expenses while streamlining the recruiting process, pinpointing optimal candidates with ease. 

Recruiting automation is synonymous with smart hiring. It can be defined as a new, tech-intensive approach to the process that replaces some of the tasks done by humans with an increasingly efficient suite of software solutions.  Automated intelligent recruiting solutions sort through voluminous information submitted by job-seekers, zeroing in on those with specific skills, experiences and traits.

The benefits of recruiting automation

Recruiting automation is revered for its efficiency. Though automated recruiting tools do not completely replace human resources managers, they reduce overhead costs through heightened efficiency. Recruiting and hiring automation tools have advanced to the point that they implement analytics for comprehensive candidate reviews and subsequent selection that empowers businesses to scale with ease. 

Automated recruiting makes it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to find the talent necessary to keep the business humming along. In contrast, manual candidate selection is labor and time-intensive. Make the shift to high-tech recruiting with automated tools and your team will feel as though a weight has been lifted off its shoulders. In the end, smart recruiting including automated hiring saves money, time and effort while boosting productivity and minimizing employee turnover.

Work smarter not harder

Productivity is the name of the game. Automated recruiting tools empower hiring managers to work that much more efficiently, zeroing in on the best employment candidates with surprising ease. Automated recruiting including resume screening and scheduling interviews empowers recruiters to zero in on high-hanging, difficult-to-reach metaphorical “fruit”; a process that is mentally taxing to say the least. 

Let the artificial intelligence do the work on your behalf and you’ll have all the information you need to make the right hiring decisions in as little time as possible. 

Automated recruiting is an image-booster

Your brand as an employer has the potential to be just as important as your value proposition. Choose the right automated recruiting system and you’ll take an important step toward enhancing your image. 

High-tech human resources solutions pave a path toward the most coveted candidates, who in turn establish a bridge to connect with other desirable applicants. Take full advantage of the industry’s latest tech solutions and the employees you add to your organization will serve as brand ambassadors that help your business reach its true potential. Harri can help bring your brand to life by displaying and customizing information about your organization’s job openings, values, culture and benefits.  


Both employers and employees benefit from the efficiency made possible by smart recruiting solutions. Automated recruiting tools boost applicant visibility. This high-tech approach is also revered throughout the restaurant and hospitality industries for hastening response times for the mutual benefit of employees and business owners.

Enhanced productivity

In the context of business, production equates to money.  Artificial intelligence ameliorates the challenge of hiring the optimal candidates for open positions. Tech advances have made it possible to automate the entirety of the recruiting and hiring processes ranging from candidate screening to interview scheduling and even onboarding. 

Recruiting and hiring solutions liberate you and your team to focus on problem-solving that cannot be automated. Take full advantage of tech solutions for recruiting and you’ll be liberated to narrow your focus on problems that require the analytical capabilities of the human mind. For example, Harri’s software solutions can quickly help you with tasks like multi-channel job broadcasting and pre-configuring customized applicant flows that you can use again and again.

Find the best candidates

The industry’s most advanced recruiting and hiring solutions empower businesses to sort through a plethora of candidates with maximum efficiency. The high-tech approach empowers business owners and hiring managers to quickly zero in on those with the skills, experience and other merits necessary to thrive as contributors.   

Maximize your limited time

Most hiring managers and human resources support staff work 8 hours per day. Only so much can be done in this brief period of time.  Instead of moving forward with painstakingly slow manual processes for recruiting and hiring, take a technological leap forward with smart recruiting and automated hiring solutions. 

An automated hiring process saves time. As is often said, time is your most valuable asset as it is the equivalent of money. As an example, today’s high-tech recruiting and hiring solutions are complete with features for pre-screening applicants, coordinating interviews, interview management and more.

applicant tracking system hospitality

Implementing Automation throughout the Hiring Process

Automation has advanced to the point that it can be used throughout the entirety of the recruiting and hiring processes.  Make prudent use of the industry’s latest tech advances and you’ll find there is an automated tool for each step of the candidate search and hiring process from the beginning all the way to the end.

Talent attraction

Attraction is a two-way street. The hiring process won’t prove productive or mutually beneficial unless candidates are attracted to your business and you also covet those same candidates. From chatbots to automated resume reviews and beyond, there are numerous tech-intensive paths toward connecting with coveted employees. Set goals, strategically weave in smart recruiting tools along with automated hiring solutions and connecting with coveted candidates will prove that much easier. 

Candidate search tools, automated resume/cover letter reviews and more empower companies to meet hiring objectives. There is even the potential to use centralized data platforms to identify the original sources of the best hires, setting the stage to prime the talent pump.  

Application tracking

Applicant tracking systems have advanced to the point that they accurately track employee progression throughout each stage of the recruiting and hiring processes. The industry’s best application tracking systems are characterized by an intuitive user experience design that is malleable to the needs of each individual organization. 

Application tracking systems now feature collaborative features for full recruiting engagement that empowers you as a business owner or hiring manager to make well-informed decisions rooted in truth rather than gut instinct. Tracking systems encompass the entirety of candidate information while simultaneously automating the steps of the recruiting and hiring processes. Tech now empowers recruiters to:

  • Accurately track applicants
  • Generate detailed candidate-specific notes
  • Prime the talent pump
  • Efficiently source candidates

Automating functions are even capable of accurately displaying statistics and percentages such as job openings that closely match with candidates in terms of experience, skills, etc. Once an applicant is identified as a potential match for an open role, the applicant tracking system automates the interview scheduling process without the time-consuming “phone tag” as occurred before the advent of smart recruiting technology.

Workforce management and Employee engagement

Recruiting and hiring automation expedites the process necessary to identify candidates, especially those who are considered passive. Technology now empowers businesses to engage such semi-interested individuals in ways that were not possible in previous years and decades. Recruiting and automating automation tech accumulates and analyzes information about applicants. 

High-tech solutions review candidate information ranging from years of experience, industries those candidates worked in, skills and more. The aim of hiring automation tools is to efficiently match candidates with open employment opportunities as efficiently as possible. 

Smart recruiting tools are even capable of connecting with candidates through emails, text messages and automated calls to coordinate interviews. This is the next-level engagement your business needs to beat the competition in the race to connect with the top candidates.

The future of smart recruiting

From resume and cover letter scanning tools to chatbots, automated job boards and more, the tech of the hiring landscape is rapidly changing. Recognize the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to pinpoint top-notch talent likely to stay for the long haul, take full advantage of smart recruiting solutions and you’ll succeed in adding difference makers to your team. 

Remain flexible, incorporate high-tech human resources solutions as they emerge and you’ll maintain your competitive advantage in both recruiting and hiring.

Smart recruiting and automation with Harri

Harri’s smart recruiting solutions make the challenge of hiring the right contributors that much easier. As an example, Carri’s chat & apply feature makes each and every application count with a personalized conversational ambassador humanizing every stage of the candidate journey. Our high-tech solutions empower you to maximize the value of your candidate pool, engage in interactions while remaining compliant with all laws and regulations and liberate your hiring managers to focus on what they do best. 

Harri’s comprehensive suite of tech solutions help to humanize the candidate journey for a mutually beneficial result. Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can minimize the friction of adding new talent to your ranks.

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