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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an intense labor shortage as employees migrate to jobs that pay better, offer more flexibility, and have increased safety protocols in place. Restaurant operators who aren’t already thinking about recruitment strategies are already way behind in the race for talent.

That’s exactly why chatbots and AI-powered tools are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. 

But with shiny new technology runs the risk of getting caught up in the buzzwords…aka choosing the wrong solution for your business. Operators must be savvy enough to know the right tools.

To give an example, we all know that hospitality suffers from extremely high candidate ghosting rates. So operators don’t just want a tool that brings in more candidates, they need one that will attract and engage candidates to reduce drop-off rates.

Next-gen recruiting tools that can handle advanced hiring needs will enable operators to remain competitive in a dry talent market, and that’s why we built Carri.

So much more than a chatbot, Carri was built to revolutionize the hiring experience for hospitality managers and applicants alike.

Carri acts as a conversational ambassador for your brand by mimicking humanistic interactions during all stages of the interview process. Process complex candidate questions, provide actionable steps to encourage interview progression, offer advice, and so much more, all in a fully branded hiring environment.

From talent attraction to internal process streamlining, Carri improves hiring interactions internally and externally. Let’s see why frontline candidates and hospitality managers love Carri.

Why candidates love Carri

Sometimes, a delightful application experience is as simple as getting back to basics.

Carri is fast and accessible

Gone are the days of paper applications with antiquated questions and long wait times. In today’s competitive hiring industry, speed and accessibility matter. Carri enables the seamless application experience that your candidates expect.

First impressions are everything, and that includes the job application. To start interfacing with Carri, all applicants have to do is scan a QR code, text a number, reach out via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, or start chatting on your company careers page. Carri is accessible via multiple mobile-friendly channels, making on-the-go applications easier than ever.

Emphasis on “on-the-go” here. In addition to accessibility, Carri condenses arduous interview steps, like filling out repetitive personal details or screening questions, and consolidates them into a frictionless, chat-based tool

Carri provides autonomy

If given a choice, potential employees will always choose a restaurant that prioritizes their individuality and autonomy. And that begins as early as the hiring process, whether candidates realize it or not.

Carri provides self-service scheduling so you candidates can book and reschedule interview times that best fit their needs. Rather than waiting for hiring managers to get back to them on interviewer availability (and possibly receiving interview offers from competitors!), Carri empowers candidates to take control of the interview process.

Carri is humanistic and friendly

A major downfall of chatbots is that they feel robotic and depersonalized. For that reason, implementing the wrong chatbot can actually harm your hiring experience. People want to talk to people, after all!

Carri’s interactions aren’t limited to strict application questions. Candidates can ask questions about company culture, COVID-19 safety measures, exactly where in the building they should arrive for their interview, or even ask what they should wear to the interview!

Did a candidate ask something that Carri can’t answer? She’ll flag a manager on your team for assistance and let the candidate know that someone will follow up with them shortly.

These highly humanistic engagements don’t just discourage drop-off, they encourage candidates to get excited about working with your brand.

Applying within a fully branded experience helps boost candidate engagement levels, too. From fun messages with emojis and personalized replies for every step of the interview process to showing off company colors, pictures, and logos, Carri delivers a next-gen hiring experience fit to your brand.

Why hospitality managers love Carri

Carri improves candidate visibility

One major problem with hiring at scale is that it’s difficult to know where the best candidates are coming from. Are the best line cooks applying to your LinkedIn job ad, your Glassdoor job ad, the company employee referral program, or applying through your careers page? This information is critical during a labor shortage.

Carri aggregates all applicants, no matter their source, into one singular ATS. The most obvious benefit here is that it allows managers to oversee the interview status of all candidates from a singular location. But aside from that, all of that valuable application data is made readily available, empowering managers to invest more time and resources into the most impactful talent acquisition buckets.

Carri reduces application friction

Hospitality operators absolutely must screen candidates before interviews, otherwise they risk hiring the wrong culture fit or skill level for their team. However, they also must be mindful of application friction within the hospitality industry and align their screening questions accordingly…otherwise, they risk losing qualified applicants before they can even be seen for an interview.

It’s a delicate balance to strike, and Carri captures it beautifully. 

Carri ensures that the right screening questions are asked without pushing candidates to drop out of the process due to application friction. Screening questions can be configured by job position or even location if your team prefers a granular route, or can be kept general. Either way, Carri saves the important questions for the interview itself without bogging managers down with administrative work.

Carri automates tedious tasks

One of the most important things that Carri offers, to hospitality operators, is the ability to automate tedious tasks. In a time where managers have so much on their plates even outside of the realm of hiring, automation can make or break a team’s productivity. 

Carri is capable of handling the entire employee application life cycle including screening, scheduling, and paperwork, with as much or as little human intervention as your team prefers.

Say someone successfully completes an interview with your general manager. That manager can approve the candidate and cArri will automatically send out onboarding paperwork, legal forms, and even an offer letter.

Carri will assist the candidate by pre-filling some information gathered during the initial interview process, like their name or birthday, and is there to answer any questions your new hire might have. Once paperwork is submitted through Carri, she’ll flag the manager for final approval. Now that’s how you hit the ground running.

Riding the next-gen recruiting wave

Part of the reason why conversational AI is a must-have in a recruiter’s toolkit is because it’s so flexible. No matter how complex your hiring processes are, technology like Carri can either fit right in or optimize areas that can benefit from automation.

If your brand is ready to learn how Carri can improve internal and external hiring efforts, reach out to our team, we’d love to see how we can transform your processes from good to great.

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