Don’t be an Excel Warrior: Workforce Management in 2021

As the pandemic continues to challenge the hospitality industry, both existing franchises and startup quick service restaurants (QSRs) must now work harder and faster than ever before. They need to streamline their operations and motivate workers, but without proper workforce management (WFM), this simply won’t be possible. 

Given the agility and flexibility now required for WFM, programmes such as Microsoft Excel are no longer sufficient for business use. In fact, it could eventually set your business back, and here’s why…

Creating Schedules Takes Time

Excel isn’t the worst tool when it comes to creating schedules, but it certainly isn’t the best. Manually allocating shifts to the right employees in this programme really eats into your day and can cause you to distribute hours unevenly – especially if you have a mix of full-time, part-time, and flexible workers. 

Instead of using a basic spreadsheet, you need a system that ensures fair scheduling practices within your QSR. This is particularly important when it comes to retaining employees and, in the US, it’s even becoming a legal requirement. Harri’s flexible scheduling keeps you compliant and can predict labour and revenue. 

It’s Prone To Errors

Since Excel requires manual interventions, it’s not only slow, it’s also prone to errors. If you don’t pay close enough attention to the information you’re inputting into the spreadsheet – whether that be text or important numbers – incorrect or duplicate entries may appear in the database. 

A workforce management solution, on the other hand, ensures a consistent experience across your entire workplace. Gone are the days of data syncs or waiting on accounting to send over that important dataset. Once an employee record is updated in your WFM solution, that data is automatically updated across your entire business in real-time, ensuring highly efficient yet error-free processes.

Version Control Is An Issue

One of the main reasons why Excel is so prone to errors is due to version control. When multiple people in your business have access to the same spreadsheet, you run the risk of not knowing which version is the most up to date. 

With multiple variants and too many users to count, many franchises quickly end up in what’s known as ‘spreadsheet hell’. This can completely undermine your business and cause you far too much of a headache trying to source the right file.

It’s Not Suitable For Forecasting

If you spend a considerable amount of your time gathering data for forecasts, it’s safe to say you’ve outgrown Excel and need to update your system – plain and simple. Franchises and QSRs need a platform that’s able to accurately predict workloads based on certain inputs, and since it’s prone to errors, a spreadsheet simply isn’t capable of doing this. Harri’s predictive labour scheduling tool can effectively help you manage costs.

And what’s the cost of this to your business? Well, if your forecasting is wrong, your staffing will inevitably be wrong, and your business will not be able to operate as it should. As such, you need a system that will allow you to accurately forecast in real time.

It Stunts Your Growth

Let’s face it: Excel is a complete waste of your resources. The effects of the ongoing pandemic have thrown into stark relief the need for both franchises and QSRs to operate more swiftly and efficiently. Something as small as an Excel spreadsheet shouldn’t slow your team down. 

As a business, you need to rely on tools that remove the necessary but time-consuming tasks from your day. By opting to use a dedicated WFM platform, you’ll be able to focus on the more important aspects of your business, such as the wellbeing of your team and the experience of your guests.

Unlike many WFM products on the market, we offer a next-generation platform  Our bespoke system allows management and operations teams to spend more time on their people, enabling them to develop their leadership skills and build an effective workforce.

But don’t just take our word for it. Discover how Harri has transformed the way Demipower Group seeks and recruits their talent.

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