The Great Rehire: A Golden Opportunity For Hiring Managers

The Great Resignation is still in full swing, as workers across all industries continue to quit their jobs in droves. Despite this, we’re now entering a new period dubbed the ‘Great Rehire’ or ‘Great Rehiring’. And with employee expectations changing so much over the last two years, this will no doubt have an enormous impact on talent acquisition.

Now the question is: are you prepared to compete for the best candidates?

If you answered ‘no’ – or you’re hesitant – it might be time to adopt modern tools to assist you in your recruitment and retention strategy. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered! Here, we outline how our end-to-end workforce management technology can help you tackle the Great Resignation and the Great Rehire.

Harri pre-hire solution

Hiring top talent requires a tool that’ll take you from job posting to job offer seamlessly. That’s where our pre-hire solution comes in.

Talent Attraction

Our integrated talent attraction system provides everything you need to attract the best candidates for your open positions.

Application Tracking

Once you’ve sourced candidates, it’s time to interview them! With our application tracking service, you can manage applicants, schedule interviews, and keep them in the loop along the way.


Interviewing complete, it’s on to onboarding. This can be fairly time consuming – but not with Harri. We’ve digitised the entire process, so your new starters can self-onboard from any device.


Included in the pre-hire package is Carri: a smart conversational ambassador that streamlines the application process and identifies the talent your team should be dedicating time to. Using the tool, candidates can initiate the application experience by messaging Carri on multiple channels, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

Harri post-hire solution

Our offering isn’t limited to hiring. We also provide integrated solutions to schedule, manage and engage your teams, enabling you to retain your new and existing employees. 


The first step to delivering a successful service is a solid schedule. Our intelligent scheduling tool enables you to optimise timetables while considering local labour laws. 

Time & Attendance

Complying with time and attendance laws has never been easier. Now, you can be sure you’re following local regulations from the moment an employee clocks in.


Effective team communication was crucial during the pandemic. Our dedicated tool makes this simple, providing a single place for employee conversation and collaboration.

Time to adapt

To attract and retain the best talent in 2022 and beyond, you need to take advantage of modern tools. Click the link below to request a free demo and see Harri in action!

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