UKHospitality and The Staffing Crisis

12-point plan

After more than a year of severe restrictions and closures, the hospitality sector is in a highly fragile state. This has been compounded by the further delays beyond the expected 21 June ‘Freedom Day’ and the ending of COVID-19 restrictions. In recognition of this weakened position, UKHospitality has unveiled a 12-point plan to tackle this staffing crisis in our sector. 

The 12-point plan identified a range of measures that they hope will turn around this devastating situation. 

In the short term, it calls on the Government to remove all restrictions and restore confidence in the sector. Furthermore they want all levels of Government and the Industry to highlight the Settled Status application deadline of 30 June and reassure overseas workers that they are welcome to return. Alongside working with the DWP, Schools, Colleges, and Universities to promote jobs in the sector, UKH will also continue to collaborate with DWP to maximise the impact Kickstart can have for both young people and the sector as a whole — an initiative that we at Harri are deeply invested in.

Some of the more medium-term measures are around encouraging the government to ensure that chefs and other vital roles are returned to the Shortage Occupation List and expediting the introduction of catering and other T Levels. Finally,  UKHospitality is asking for a review of the new immigration system to assess the impact it has on the competitiveness of the hospitality sector.

Talking about the 12-point plan, UKHospitality CEO Kate Nicholls said, “prior to the pandemic, we employed 3.2m people and were the third largest private sector employer in the UK. By working closely with the Government on implementing this plan, the sector can restore confidence and bounce back to this strong position, so hospitality is once again seen as a dynamic and exciting sector of growth, and a provider of fulfilling careers that will help power the UK’s economic and social recovery.”

Recently Harri were fortunate enough to welcome Kate Nicholls as one of the keynote speakers at our Rebuild & Reinspire Hospitality Recruitment Summit held to directly address the ongoing staffing crisis in the hospitality industry. Alongside a panel of industry professionals, Kate discussed the essential role the Government needed to play to restore confidence in the sector and the importance of the sector collaborating to sell the positive messages about working in this sector. 

If the UKHospitality 12-point plan is approved, this will provide further impetus to this vibrant and exciting sector. Hospitality will experience a surge in overseas workers returning to the UK and restaurants, pubs and hotels will need all the support they can get to recruit the best talent. This is where Carri’s Chat & Apply will not only support the candidate experience in providing the right opportunities, but also makes for an effortless selection process for hiring managers in order for them to attract and onboard the right talent for their business.

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