Employee Experience Research Reveals What Matters Most to Hospitality Workers Amidst Labor Crisis

what matters most to hospitality employees

Harri, a leading employee experience platform, announces that predictable scheduling and culture are top priorities for more than half of the hospitality workforce.

NEW YORK, NY (July 26, 2021) Harri, an enterprise employee experience platform serving over 20,000 restaurant and hotel locations that represent more than 6 million hospitality employees, today released its 2021 Hospitality Employee Experience Report. The report findings represent nearly 7,000 hospitality employees across the US and UK.

This survey analyzes hospitality workers’ sentiments and concerns regarding the employee experience as well as their current workplace conditions. Of the respondents surveyed, the top five contributing factors to the employee experience are as follows:

  • Having a reliable, predictable schedule
  • Feeling part of the team
  • Having direct access to tools and training resources
  • Working hours
  • Career growth opportunities

“It's never been more important for service-driven industries to understand what matters most to employees. The labor crisis is a multidimensional issue that is not only in direct response to labor supply disruption, but also the perceived quality of the on-the-job experience," said Dan Murdoch, VP of Marketing at Harri. "We sought to bring insight to this dynamic and empower industry leaders with informative data to aid in adjusting their near-term hiring and retention strategies.”

Dan Murdoch, VP of Marketing at Harri

The full 2021 Hospitality Employee Experience Report results can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/3jwqZlN 

To take a deeper dive into the causes for the labor crisis and learn how industry leaders can properly respond, check out our State of the Union: Hospitality Labor Conditions whitepaper.

For more information, please visit www.harri.com

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Harri is a vertically optimized employee experience platform built for service industries. By interconnecting solutions for employment branding, talent acquisition, applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, retention, scheduling, time & attendance, communications, compliance, employee performance, and analytics, Harri equips enterprise businesses with the ability to build, manage and develop their teams from a single platform. With over 430 clients, supporting 6.1m employees, Harri is helping the globe’s most recognizable brands address complex labor scenarios and drive business performance through employee performance.


Press Contact:

Dan Murdoch, VP of Marketing



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