Why Background Checks Are Crucial For Hospitality Hiring

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Why are background checks so important? Are there benefits outside of verifying the candidate’s qualifications? 

In short, yes. Having a good background check software can mean all the difference between employee data fragmentation or maintaining a centralized, secure, and trackable database of applicant information.

As an example, think about the last time you underwent a compliance audit. Manually pulling data from disparate systems isn’t just a tedious manual process, it also leaves you wide open to human error.

Today, we will be unpacking the biggest benefits employers realize by conducting background checks and how Harri can help your business get where you want to be. 

Let’s get started.

background checks for restaurants

The underlying benefits of employee background check software

Faster, automated background checks

High-volume hiring means high-volume candidate interactions, including background checks. But going through a third-party agency can be costly, while reaching out to the appropriate federal and state entities is incredibly time-consuming.

And if background checks aren’t completed before an employee’s start date, they won’t be able to work or begin training until a confirmed and cleared check is received. 

During a labor shortage, where employees are disengaged and expect instant gratification throughout the hiring and onboarding process, this seemingly minor delay can make all the difference between a great new hire or candidate drop-off.

Integrating background checks within your hiring tech stack eliminates that unnecessary friction to create a seamless hiring and onboarding process. 

Avoid hefty negligent hiring claims

Negligent hiring claims arise when an employer fails to verify if an employee could pose harm to their coworkers or the organization. 

Should you fail to background check your employees and one of them harms a colleague, you may be subject to a negligent hiring claim. 

In the event that an employee does harm a teammate, you as the employer are responsible for documenting the workers involved in the incident, damages caused, and if the injury was “reasonably foreseeable.”

Automated background check software ensures you’re covered in this event and can help your team navigate a situation if and when one occurs.

Improve the quality of your hires

The functionality of background checks runs much deeper than criminal records, they can be used to find false information and misrepresentation within a candidate’s hiring documents. 

As an unsurprising result, the Society for Human Resources Management found that candidates who have committed negative acts are most likely to falsify their resumes. Background checks minimize the risks of these financial, legal, and regulatory risks by uncovering these issues before an employee is hired, trained, and set off to work.

There’s a lot more to hiring than just the fun side of candidate attraction and retention. Frictionless processes and worry-free logistics are critical to successful, compliant hiring.

That’s why we included integrated background checks and job assessment tools within our Talent Acquisition Suite. 

Take control of the background check process

Integrated background checks help brands strike the balance between quality and quantity.

If you’re looking for faster, efficient background checks, we allow managers to immediately set up pre-built background checks and assessments using partners like SureCheck or Outmatch.

Operators that have strict candidate quality filters or want to create a fully branding hiring experience have the opportunity to customize their candidate-facing background checks.

Ensure all new hires are fully compliant

Hiring at scale doesn’t have to be a compliance nightmare. We include necessary background checks and employee documents to fit compliance rules at the state and city level to ensure all new hires are ready to start before their first day on the job.

And because employee records are stored within the Harri platform, managers can easily access team application documents in the event of an HR audit.

Gauge team potential with candidate insights

From skills potential to interest in a brand’s growth opportunities, there’s a handful of metrics that can be used to gauge early on how successful a new hire will be.

Our background checks provide detailed candidate insights to empower managers to make better hiring decisions. When navigating a labor shortage, focusing on employees that are most likely to stick with your brand is essential to maximizing hiring efforts.

Ready to get started with an automated background check solution?

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