Kickstart Webinar Q&A Follow Up

Harri, in partnership with Springboard, hosted our second webinar talking about the Kickstart scheme, the Government-backed initiative to get our young people back into the world of work to help rebuild our economy. 

Our hosts were Bhavna Patel and Kelly Johnstone from Springboard, who are the hospitality gateway employer, Marta Mazur from The Youth Group, and Adam Harwood from D&D London. 

Throughout our webinar we received many questions through the chat which we have now put together in one handy list. Here you can see the responses from our hosts:

Please can you clarify the requirement/expectation for all positions and define what ‘new roles’ are (not replacing existing vacancies)?

Kickstart employees cannot replace any employees who have been furloughed or made redundant as a result of COVID. Springboard has seen successful roles such as extra waiting staff, extra cleaning staff to ensure the business is covid-safe upon reopening, and more generalist roles (for example Front of House Kickstarter, which would allow the employee to move around various different departments within their six month placement). 

Can you pay more than the national minimum wage and only claim this amount back from the Kickstart scheme?

It is up to the business if they want to top up the employee’s wages – businesses can do this, but they will only be reimbursed the national minimum wage stipulated by the Government (which includes pension and National Insurance contributions).

What is Harri’s involvement in the scheme?

Alongside supporting Springboard with the administrative side of processing and submitting funding applications, Harri, through its not-for-profit arm of HospitalityUnite, will provide an applicant tracking system (ATS) to each successful employer who will receive Kickstart funding. This can be used to screen, interview and recruit new Kickstart employees quickly and efficiently, and get hospitality back up and running!

Will the training include day release to college?

The training does not include day release to colleges, but the employer can and may want to include this.

For the 25 hours, can this be averaged over the 6 months?

The guidance says 25 hours per week, but it cannot be averaged out over 6 months. It is advisable to ensure the 25 hours are met every week.

What is the benefit of working with a gateway employer like Springboard as opposed to the employer going direct?

By choosing to apply through Springboard, you will be able to receive the support and knowledge that has guided them to have over 500 roles approved already. Springboard will support you throughout the whole process and undertake most of the administrative side for you, as well as providing you with a top-class employability package that you can use for your new Kickstart employees.

As well as having the support of Springboard throughout the application process, you will also be able to take advantage of Harri’s Applicant Tracking System for FREE to screen, interview and recruit your new employees.

How and when are businesses able to receive the £1,500 allowance?

The grant is paid once the young person starts, is being paid through PAYE, and will be passed onto the employer once the gateway receives it.

What happens to this allowance if the young person then leaves our business part way through the placement? How is this clawed back?

The £1500 is allocated to the young person. Once the young person starts and is registered on PAYE the payment plus the salary is paid to the employer/gateway employer. Salary is then paid month in arrears.

In terms of what happens if a person leaves the company…

How do I go about taking someone on? What is the procedure/application process?

Harri will advertise the role on the HospitalityUnite Kickstart jobs portal. Once the Kickstart placement has been advertised on the DWP/HospitalityUnite jobs board, the young person will be recommended by a JobCentre work coach. The young person will apply as per the instructions from the employer and the employer will interview and select their suitable candidate(s).

Please can you also clarify how the mandatory training/coaching element is assessed? I understand this can be completed in house or via an external provider.

At the moment Springboard has to demonstrate the employability training plans at the application stage, so they submit details of what is being delivered and when. As a Gateway Employer, Springboard saves the training plan for the young person and will check throughout this young person’s journey. If the employability training is carried out by Springboard, they have a digital trail of the young person’s training journey, which can then be provided as proof to the DWP if necessary.

Does the Kickstart apply to the Channel Islands?

GOV Kickstart scheme does not extend to the Channel Islands.

How does the holiday pay for the Kickstarter work?

It works as any usual employee – the Government will cover the costs as part of overall funding.

Where can I find the application form?

The application form can be found here.

I have two hotels and would like one person per hotel. They are different companies, so will I have to submit two different applications?

If you have the same Companies House Number, you can submit under the same application but will be able to specify which location they will work in. If they are different registered companies, you will have to complete a separate application form per company.

How many kickstarters can employers take on per site?

There is no limit, as long as they are additional roles and not replacing old roles or furloughed roles.

If a business has an age restricted venue (over 21), can they request a certain age bracket?

You can stipulate the age if it is a legal requirement (e.g bar, pubs, etc – over 18’s).

If your application is rejected for any reason, are you given an opportunity to "appeal" or apply again?

Springboard has submitted many applications that have been rejected which were done directly by the employer. They have helped the employer improve the application, resubmitted and they have been successful.

How can Springboard Ambassadors be of help?

You can find out more information about the Springboard Ambassadors scheme here

Here is a link to Adam’s strategy document that he used to inform D&D’s board members and key stakeholders about the benefits of Kickstart and how it could help their business. Click here.

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