Connecting People With Our Hearts, Through Technology

Let’s be honest.

If I were to ask you to spend 48 hours without using technology, would you be able to survive?

I didn’t think I depended so much on technology up until an hour ago. 

When I was getting ready to start writing this piece, I realized my computer was dead, so I went to find the cable to plug it in. *No big deal right?* In the meantime, I said “Okay, I’ll do some research on my phone while my computer charges” just to find out the Wi-Fi wasn’t working and I couldn’t access the internet. I suddenly realized the only books I had within reach were fiction novels. There was no way to get any inspiration from them for this one. 

And that’s when it hit me. Pretty much our whole lives depend on technology now. So I sat down and grabbed one of my notebooks to start writing this article. Old-school-style. 

Think about it for a second. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, everything can now be digitized or automated. Our alarm clocks, our newspapers, our cars, even our refrigerators! 

It seems as if we can’t go a day without technology, and so that got me thinking about the difference that it has made in our daily lives and the way we perform our jobs. Technology makes us believe in the “impossible”. What we thought one day could never be real, is now our reality. 

So now that technology has become such a huge part of our lives, how can we make sure that we’re working in harmony with it? 

And by working in harmony I mean finding a balance between the technological and the human side of life.

To be able to “automate the mundane” means that technology has come in to make our lives easier in many ways. To make it more efficient. But at the same time, certain aspects of technology still require the human touch. You know, that magical feeling you get when someone speaks or acts from their heart.

Because human connection is so important in any kind of business. 

In hospitality, it is vital. It’s an industry run by people and for people. Our whole purpose is to create memorable experiences for people on both sides of the equation: employees and guests.

Working in hospitality means having the power to change someone’s day with a facial expression. Or helping someone feel better by the tone of our voice. Technology seems to always be one step ahead of us, but nothing can replace the warmth of the human touch. 

So, how can we make sure to still connect with our hearts through technology? 

Simple: always think of the person behind the screen. 

Whether you’re developing software for customers, creating QR codes for guests, or automating your scheduling app. Think about how you want them to feel. 

There’s one area where technology has really come in handy when it comes to hospitality. It’s making us able to manage time and business better. 

How? By not having an entry log book at the front desk anymore. Or by having a POS System instead of writing down every reservation, order, and payment with pen and paper. 

See, having technology as an ally works as a snowball effect. When we’re able to correctly automize our tasks and our time, we leave more room to pay attention to the people around us. We empower our employees to take better care of our guests, and therefore, guests come back for more great experiences. 

That’s what we all want to achieve. A fulfilling and warm environment for the people who are working, and for the people who are enjoying a service. 

It’s the full circle. 

And when it comes to technology and the human heart working hand in hand, we can’t forget to make sure we add the human touch to every interaction we have online. 

It could be as simple as adding a “Thank you” note to your emails, or starting each one of them using people’s names. 

It can be as simple as ensuring everyone gets a response in a timely manner, whether they contact you for a booking, a job interview, or an inquiry.

And if we’re guests somewhere else, remember the server who went out of their way to help us and write a nice review online about them. Make them feel special. 

There are countless ways to add the human touch to our daily lives. Whether it’s on paper, in person, through a computer screen, or over the phone. What matters is the person behind the screen. 

So let’s make every interaction count. 

Let’s make sure we’re connecting people with our hearts, through technology. 

Maria Navarro is a new contributor to Harri. Born and raised in Mexico, Maria moved to the US with big dreams! Though only 27 she has a passion for hospitality and has worked in a variety of management positions for luxury hotels. Now Maria is pursuing her other love––writing and connecting with people––and has launched her copywriting business, offering services in both English and Spanish. 

You can read more of her work at

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